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That's right, at IJL we believe that people break up and/or get divorced everyday... 5) You will take ANY AND EVERY client who can pay the membership fees...

Regardless of the companies ability to find them a match.

So yeah, you make 100 calls a day and have to waste an hour of your time Everytime the person your presenting to can't afford 00 because they aren't a high rolling professional and would never waste almost k for 7 dates LOL8) THE YELP REVIEWS! DOZENS of voicemails from people who paid their hard earned money and haven't received anything in return!

People calling for weeks and furious that they can't get ahold of anyone and have not yet been set up on a date.

And 6 people have quit already and there is another training class in two weeks...

So yeah, it's a revolving door.2) They are not up to date.

Umm..let me get the answering machine's credit card.10) Was the phone number blocked by the lead? This place looks super pretty and positive and perfect during training but the minute you pick up that phone you'll know you made a mistake.

As a part of a team that makes a difference in our clients personalized dating experience makes this a great company to work for.

At of the end of the day you want to come to work everyday...priceless.

Pluspunten I love working for It's Just Lunch Vancouver!

The owner of the company is an incredible business woman and role model, who is very accommodating and supportive of a positive work life balance.

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Here at IJL, they instruct you to do the following: ' If someone requests a DNC or there is a lead in your system that says it requested DNC in the past, call them back and ask why. If we DNC them we can never call them again.' ok.... Regarding the litigation, all the information is available via a simple browser search.4) Your manager will have a sales quota... Who you will then have in your system for up to 10 years.

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